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2022 27. June 2022

Kinetics or Transport: Whither Goes the Solid-State Battery Cathode?

ACS Publications, Appl. Mater. Interfaces, In Press, online June 22

K.G. Naik, B.S. Vishnugopi, P.P. Mukherjee
2022 23. June 2022

Highly thermoconductive copper-graphite flake composites controlled in the heat direction by electroless plating and spark plasma sintering

Journal of Alloys and Compounds, In Press, online June 18, 165894

J. Lee, Y-I. Kim, S. Kim, B. Lee, D. Lee
2022 20. June 2022

Machine Learning in Porous Materials: SVM-Based Characterization and CGAN-Driven Materials Discovery and Design

ACS Symposium Series, Vol 1416(8), 181-209

S. Ookawara, T. Yasuda, Y. Matsuda, S. Yoshikawa, H. Matsumoto
2022 20. June 2022

Thermal-Switchable, Trifunctional Ceramic–Hydrogel Nanocomposites Enable Full-Lifecycle Security in Practical Battery Systems

ACS Nano, online June 16

L. Li, B. Fang, D. Ren, L. Fu, Y. Zhou, Ch. Yang, F. Zhang, X. Feng, L. Wang, X. He, P. Qi, Y. Liu, Ch. Jia, S. Zhao, F. Xu, X. Wei, H. Wu
2022 15. June 2022

Lithium Ion Battery Electrode Manufacturing Model Accounting for 3D Realistic Shapes of Active Material Particles

ArXiv Preprints - Cornell University
Physics - Chemical Physics, arXiv:2206.03969, June 8th

J. Xu, A.C. Ngandjong, Ch. Liu, F.M. Zanotto, O. Arcelus, A. Demortière, A.A. Franco
2022 15. June 2022

Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube-Coated Poly-Methyl Methacrylate Dispersed Thermoplastic Polyurethane Composites for Pressure-Sensitive Applications

Macromol, Vol 2(2), 211-224 - Open access

S.M. Imran, G-M. Go, M. Hussain, M.A. Al-Harthi
2022 07. June 2022

Manufacturing, characterization, and degradation of a poly(lactic acid) warp-knitted spacer fabric scaffold as a candidate for tissue engineering applications

Biomaterials Science, Advance Article - Open access

F. Caronna, N. Glimpel, G.-Ph. Paar, T. Gries, A. Blaeser, K. Do. E.B. Dolan, W. Ronan
2022 24. May 2022

Exploring critical parameters of electrode fabrication in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells

Journal of Power Sources, Vol 540, 231638

K. Talukdar, T. Morawietz, P. Sarkezi-Selsky, K. Yezerska, O. Sergeev, J.-F. Heger, T. Jahnke, P. Gazdzicki, K.A. Friedrich
2022 23. May 2022

Evaluation method of fillers for electromagnetic applications in thermoplastic composites (in German)

Doctoral thesis - Bewertungsmethode von Füllstoffen für elektromagnetische Anwendungen in thermoplastichen Verbundwerkstoffen, IVW Schriftenreihe Band 150, Leibniz-Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH, Kaiserslautern - Open access

K. Steidle
2022 22. May 2022

Integration and Upscaling of Multi-Phase Fluid Flow Properties in Clastic Reservoirs

83rd EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition, Conference Proceedings, pages 1-5

G. Burmester, F. Zekiri, H. Jurcic, P. Arnold, H. Ott
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