ProcessGeo Module
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The ProcessGeo module

The ProcessGeo module, together with the LayerGeo module, constitute GeoDict's model modifiers. It offers a number of manipulations or operations to transform material models generated from imported CT-, ÁCT- or FIB/SEM-scans (with the ImportGeo module) or with other GeoDict modules.

GeoDict modifying modules ProcessGeo together with LayerGeo are frequently used in sequence, to construct complex structures based on 3D material models from imported scans or 3D structure models previously generated with one of GeoDict's Material Design Modules), before running the appropriate material property predictor module on them (FlowDict [1], FilterDict®-Media, ConductoDict, etc).

Model of a filter medium created with FiberGeo a) and modified with ProcessGeo by adding binder b) or dilating the red fibers c)

ProcessGeo features

The ProcessGeo module is able to:

  • filter the structure by cleansing and dilating.
  • perform structure conversions by reassigning materials, permuting axes or re-scaling the structure.
  • carry out physics-based operations such as compressing and adding binder.
  • resize the structure by embedding empty voxels, or by repeating, mirroring, and cropping the structure.

Additional modules needed?

  • The ProcessGeo module is part of the GeoDict Base package providing basic functionality.