Events Electrochemistry

Events in field fuel cells & battery materials
in 2018-2019

Date Location Exhibitions and Conferences
January 28-31, 2019 Strasbourg, France Advanced Automotive Battery Conference - Europe
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March 31-April 5, 2019 Regensburg, Germany DPG-Spring Meeting 2019 - Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft e.V.
Presentation title: Optimizing the performance of batteries using digital material engineering
Speaker: Dr. Ilona Glatt
Date Location Exhibitions and Conferences
November 13-14 Ulm, Germany UECT 2018 (Ulm Electrochemical Talks)
October 30-November 2 Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan GeoDict User Meeting Japan
September 26-28 Darmstadt, Germany MSE 2018 - Materials Science and Engineering
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September 20 Kaiserslautern, Germany GeoDict 2019 Workshops
September 18-19 Kaiserslautern, Germany GeoDict UserMeeting 2018
June 13 Kaiserslautern, Germany Company Contact Fair "Treffpunkt"
June 5-7 Cleveland, USA NAFEMS - CAASE 2018
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May 14-17 New Orleans, USA INTERPORE - 10th Annual Meeting and Jubilee Conference
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April 23-27 Hannover, Germany Hannover Messe
April 12-13 Aarau, Switzerland ModVal2018 - 15th Symposium on Modeling and Validation of Electrochemical Energy Devices
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