GeoDict User Meeting 2020

GeoDict® ONLINE User Meeting 2020

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Welcome to the 9th GeoDict ONLINE User Meeting

Math2Market cordially invites you to mark the following dates in your calendar for 2020:

September 21-25: 9th GeoDict ONLINE User Meeting 2020

COVID-19 confronts us all with unprecedented challenges and the global situation remains uncertain regarding the restrictions still in place in September.

Therefore, for the well-being of our customers, partners, and our own employees, we have decided to hold an Online GeoDict User Meeting this year. The User Meeting will be complemented by Online GeoDict 2021 Workshops after the widespread recognition they gained in the last two years.

The User Meeting and the GeoDict Workshops will showcase the extensive simulation capabilities of GeoDict and unveil the new features of the GeoDict 2021 release. For all of us, the User Meeting is an opportunity to be inspired by discussions with our experts and with worldwide GeoDict users from industry and research.

User Meeting presentations and GeoDict Workshops will expand to five days corresponding to the application areas: Image Processing/Image Analysis, Filtration, Digital Material Research & Development, Batteries & Fuel cells, and Digital Rock Physics.

The User Meeting and GeoDict Workshops sessions will be held twice a day to accommodate the worldwide time zone differences, as much as possible, and encourage all those interested to participate. For example, from Japan or South Korea, to the West Coast of the USA.

Participation in the User Meeting and to the GeoDict Workshops is free of cost but requires registration.

Presentations will be held in English!

Overview of topics of the GeoDict User Meeting 2020
Download preliminary agenda of the GeoDict User Meeting 2020 (PDF)

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