Math2Market Services

Services of Math2Market GmbH

Math2Market is with the software GeoDict one of the leading providers of digital solutions in the field of materials research and development. With our unique pool of top mathematicians, physicists, geologists, engineers, and computer scientists, we believe in making available to our clients the benefits of cutting-edge, university-level research that can be utilized by non-experts using our software GeoDict.

Our customers also benefit from the comprehensive services of Math2Market, including regular updates of GeoDict, intensive customer care and consulting, as well as expert training and reliable support (e.g. per email, phone or WebEx) by our experts in their respective fields.

The diversified cooperation of Math2Market with international partners from industrial and academic settings yields numerous publications and Math2Market contributes regularly to a wide range of conferences and exhibitions with high-level scientific and technical presentations.

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Overview of our services

  • Software development with annual releases and regular updates
  • Extension and individual customization with Python as script language
  • Distribution and licensing of GeoDict
  • Project work in cooperation with μCT manufacturers and μCT-scan service providers
  • Scientific project work, customer support, and consulting
  • Annual GeoDict User Meeting to present the new GeoDict release
  • User training in form of tutorials, workshops, short courses, and individual trainings
  • Information exchange and presentations at technical conferences, exhibitions, and user meetings