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Math2Market service announcement in the wake of Log4J vulnerability:
GeoDict is not affected by Log4J!
Information concerning Log4J vulnerability:
Our GeoDict software does NOT use Java.
The GeoDict software package, including all its supplied components, is not affected by the security vulnerability of Log4J in any version.


The GeoDict® 2022 Service Pack 1 is available for download.
For more information, see the GeoDict® 2022 Service Pack 1 Release Notes.
GeoDict® in ASTM E3278 - 21

Standard Test Method for Bubble Point Pressure of Woven Wire Filter Cloth
GeoDict is a scientific software for material design, material analysis and material development that meets all criteria for accurate and standardized tests. Thanks to precise and efficient algorithms, results can be generated quickly and reproducibly.
10 years of digital simulations in materials research and development

Math2Market celebrates birthday
During these 10 years, Math2Market has become one of the leading providers of digital solutions for materials research and development. More than 350 companies and research institutions in 28 countries on 6 continents are using GeoDict and benefit from the wide range of services offered by Math2Market and its sales partners.

Math2Market takes this opportunity to thank all customers, partners, and employees for their decisive contribution to the success of the company.
Math2Market announces the GeoDict Forum.
In addition to the resources on our website, we believe that providing a space to collaboratively learn, exchange experiences, and share advice is a valuable part of our effective, high-quality support and will foster self-learning.
Besuchen Sie das GeoDict Forum
Math2Market wins the ISB-SUCCESS 2020 Technology Award!
The SUCCESS 2020 award was presented online by the State Secretary of the Ministry for Economic Affairs and the ISB-Rheinland-Pfalz.
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Math2Market wins the FILTREX Innovation Award 2019
Math2Market received the prestigious FILTREXTM Innovation Award 2019 in Berlin, Germany on May 14th, 2019 for the newly developed FiberFind-AI module of the GeoDict software.
GeoDict® - The Digital Material Laboratory
GeoDict is the all-in-one simulation software solution for multi-scale 3D image processing, modeling of materials, visualization, material property characterization and analysis, digital material development and prototyping, property prediction and process optimization.
GeoDict® is the digital revolution in material research
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